Could Ripple's XRP replace correspondent banks? This bank says yes
Despite controversy surrounding Ripple's digital token, one bank is pushing forward to use it in cross-border payments.

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Anu Shultes, CEO of LendUp
LendUp spins off credit card business, names new CEO
The subprime online lender said Thursday that it will spin off its credit card business into a new entity, Mission Lane. It also named a new CEO to replace its founder, Sasha Orloff.

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Joseph Otting
Regulatory competition is hot again — and that's worrisome
Before the financial crisis, federal and state regulators unabashedly pitched their charters to banks as the better choice. That's happening again, despite warnings that such jousting might result in lax oversight.

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AB-010219-BIGIDEA (1).png
Banks shouldn't count on overdraft fees forever
Two trends — competition from challenger banks and the emergence of real-time payments — threaten to eat away at the fees banks collect on overdrafts and bounced checks.

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Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass.
Warren: Comerica fraud shows need for security fix in prepaid program
The senator wants Treasury to enhance fraud protection in the Direct Express prepaid program — now a partnership with Comerica Bank — when its contract is rebid in 2020.

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PenFed deal feeds bankers' fears of unlimited credit union membership
An "emergency merger" with the troubled Progressive Credit Union gives PenFed — already the nation's third-largest credit union — the ability to welcome any potential member nationwide.

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Rep. Joyce Beatty, D-Ohio
House diversity panel a doubled-edged sword for banks
A Financial Services subcommittee planned by Democrats to root out discrimination and expand financial inclusion could put banks on the hot seat, but it could also foster regulatory relief.

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AB-010719-SMALL (3).png
Banks have need for speed in small-business lending
Investments in software can speed up decision-making and help traditional lenders better compete with fintechs for creditworthy customers who want their loans quickly.

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Fintechs may finally win charter chase in 2019
Whether it's the OCC's special-purpose charter, ILCs or some other option, observers see fintechs being able to obtain banking powers.

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What banks are losing sight of in rush to upgrade mobile apps
As consumers continue to migrate to banking apps, lenders may be tempted to focus solely on improving that channel. But new data suggests consumers aren't abandoning other platforms just yet.

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