On growing concerns in some quarters over the rapid rise of the leveraged loans market and the possibility for systemic risk:

“'This time it’s different.'”

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Wells Fargo sign
On Wells Fargo shifting more of its philanthropic efforts toward affordable housing:

"Funny how a Needs to Improve CRA rating can help a bank place a '...greater focus on affordable rental housing and combating homelessness.'"

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Herb Sandler
On the death of Herb Sandler, known as a co-founder of Golden West, which offered pick-a-pay loans that soured on Wachovia's books during the crisis, who was also a prominent funder for organizations including ProPublica, the Center for American Progress and the Center for Responsible Lending:

"I wonder how the Center for Responsible Lending would've viewed Sandler's pick-a-pay option mortgage product? Likely not good. Perhaps funding the Center is the Sandler's penance for their awful product and its contribution to the mortgage meltdown."

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qbp profits 1q 2019 FDIC net income
On a look at the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp.'s most recent quarterly banking report, which showed higher profits for the industry:

"Whenever I see these reports with positive earnings results for banks, I shudder, because Congress sees these reports and thinks they've taken banks to the woodshed with more and more regulation and they are STILL profitable. So then Congress thinks they can do even MORE to the banking industry. Just wait."

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Esther George, president and chief executive officer of the Kansas City Federal Reserve Bank.
On Kansas City Fed President Esther George pushing back on critics of the central bank developing a real-time payments system:

"What we clearly do not need is another broken payment system run by big banks holding hands, setting default prices, creating one-sided rules, disadvantaging small banks and denying merchants and consumers the benefits that come from a competitive market. The Fed is likely our only salvation!"

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