Kathy Kraninger
On an argument that Consumer Financial Protection Bureau Director Kathy Kraninger's decision to scrap her predecessor's plans to change the agency's name is a smart move:

"Common sense, that rarest of commodities in Washington, puts in an appearance here. Pick the battles that are worth fighting. Bravo."

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The Robinhood application is displayed in the App Store on an iPhone.
On the banking industry's reaction to startup Robinhood Financial's unveiling of a brokerage account that was marketed more like a bank account:

"Every brokerage firm in the country has been offering a type of cash management account for over 30 years! Fidelity advertises that their cash management account offers "all the features you need from a traditional checking account". BofA's Merri Lynch (who invented the Cash Management Account in the 80's They all combine full service bank-like checking accounts with investment accounts. RH's error was in explaining how the SIPIC insurance works."

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On an argument that policymakers should work to improve the Community Reinvestment Act, not unwind it as some have suggested:

"Dismantling CRA is exactly what our country needs to get Government out of our business. Why do we need regulations that don't offer solutions to consumers? Why do we need academic solutions versus actual practical solutions. We are not a Nation of academics, we are a Nation of people with economic needs that result in better personal economic outcomes. Scrap CRA...nothing would change except a lot less things for Regulators to analyze and bankers to fret over. Who can justify keeping it!"

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On fintech startup Good Money bashing banks in ads before it has even launched:

"The simple fact is that many Fintechs don't know what they don't know. Slamming headfirst into a wall is one way to learn. Hopefully they don't take their investors and customers along for that ride."

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Another reader responds to Good Money's promise to donate half of its profits to charity, a claim that is followed in its marketing by the phrase "suck it, banks":

"Donating half of their profits to charity? Half of nothing is still nothing... still waiting for one of these guys to make a profit..."

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Jerome Powell
On a look at whether a Fed decision to raise the capital buffer could actually increase financial risk:

"In the Great Recession, the large banks were able to raise capital to a certain extent, however, many community banks and some of the large banks had to rely on the government to provide them with funds for survival. If a capital cushion were raised in good times (similar to an insurance reserve), and require of all banks, the capital markets would adjust and accept."

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