Apple (AAPL) has applied for a patent that could take banks' marketing strategies to three-dimensional heights.

The technology giant is paving a way for 3-D screens that could make financial services ads pop like, well, pop-up books. The patent application describes a method of using taps and gestures to turn two-dimensional objects into what appear to be three-dimensional objects.

Patently Apple broke the news. The patent was filled with the US Patent & Trademark Office on Feb. 10.

"The technology may work in conjunction with Apple's previous work on 3D which touched on head tracking and unique ambient light feature technologies. Apple wowed us earlier this year with a patent which demonstrated that they're paving the way for a new 3D GUI," says the tech blog.

However, like everything Apple, it could be years before the technology is perfected and ready for prime time. The Cupertino company is infamous for perfecting a method before it launches it to the public.