Aptys Solutions LLC has launched a tablet-based, paperless invoicing system called aMobile.

The small-business product works with the Rockwell, Texas, vendor's Paylogics payment hub, which is software for managing image cash letter exchanges, automated clearing house payments, wires, cards, mobile payments and other types of payment messages.

"With aMobile, we are answering the demand from small businesses for mobile invoicing and payment solutions, and simultaneously providing financial institutions with the opportunity to monetize their mobile payments platforms," Sean Pennock, Aptys' president, said in a May 11 press release. The aMobile system could be useful to a technician at a small appliance repair shop visiting a customer's home to repair a refrigerator, for instance. Rather than write out an invoice that later has to be keyed into an accounting system and a copy of the invoice filed away, the technician using aMobile could create the invoice on a tablet, let the customer electronically sign it, capture the customer's check by taking a picture of it on the tablet for remote deposit and be done.

If the customer wants a paper receipt, the application can print a copy. The data and the payment are sent to the customer's bank and fed into its payment hub; they're also fed into the small business' accounting system.

According to Aptys executives, this application would save the typical small business 13 to 15 minutes per invoice, and business owners would be willing to pay banks a fee for it.