"Drug dealers are safer in that town than bankers are."

Rochdale Securities analyst, complaining that the last three attorneys general in New York have made attacking the financial industry their primary mission

"The United States has the best, deepest, widest and most transparent capital markets in the world, which gives you, the investor, the ability to buy and sell large amounts at very cheap prices. That's a good thing, and I wish Paul Volcker understood that."

Chairman and CEO, JPMorgan Chase, on the Volcker rule

"If your first comment is 'Wall Street is horrible' and you're in a position of leadership, you don't hurt Wall Street. But there is some guy in Illinois that's not going to build a factory today because he thinks the financial system is horrible. ... Ultimately words count."

CEO of General Electric Co. and an adviser to the Obama administration on jobs, urging political and business leaders to be more convergent and stop using rhetoric that hurts the economy

"In some of our markets, smaller community banks are getting a little price crazy. And in other parts of our footprint, the large regionals seem to be reaching a bit, both in terms of price and covenants."

President and CEO, Citizens Republic Bancorp, on loan competition

"Bank of America paid zero dollars in federal income tax last year and thought they could squeeze more from the American people. The success of this campaign proves that ordinary people can successfully stand up to even the largest corporations."

22-year-old Bank of America customer, celebrating victory after her campaign-which quickly attracted 300,000 supporters-pressured the bank to abandon plans for a debit card fee

"Financial services can be like any product or service. Like food, it can be tainted or it can provide the equivalent to nutrition."

President and founder, Javelin Strategy and Research, saying that the key question the industry needs to ask itself is whether its products provide value

"You should stay tuned for that."

Treasury Secretary, hinting that there is punishment yet to come for the financial sector over wrongdoing that led to the financial crisis

"Women who choose to protest are not there to be hot. They're there to change minds. And failing to listen to their message because you're distracted by their impeccable cheekbones isn't a boon to the movement; it's just annoying horndoggery."

Feminist website, ridiculing

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