Bank of North Carolina is arming its employees with tablet software that helps them open accounts and aids their cross-selling pitches.

MobileBanker, developed by Zemonics, lets employees view sales, marketing and transaction data as well as provide services. The $3.7 billion-asset bank will use the software to help guide sales efforts, create multimedia product presentations and open accounts for retail and commercial customers.

"We want associates to be able to do more than simply open new accounts on a tablet device," Michael Bryan, the bank's chief information officers, said in a press release. "It is our intent to provide them with a comprehensive view into our relationship with customers so they can service client needs on many levels."

The investment comes as banks nationwide are trying to transform their branches into better sales and services hubs via tech deployments.

The bank is a unit of BNC Bancorp (BNC) in High Point, N.C.