Customer satisfaction with banks' online services is on the rise as financial companies continue to invest in their Web sites, according to a study expected to be released today.

Online banking satisfaction scored an 83 on the ForSee Results/ study's 100-point scale, a score the study deemed "remarkable"; it was up from 82 last year. The study said consumers' satisfaction with electronic banking services has risen steadily for four years.

The study said it considers a score of 80 the "threshold for excellence" and that very few industries score higher. This year, credit card Web site satisfaction came in at 80, and investment Web sites scored 78, both up from 75 last year.

"Banking Web sites present a huge area of opportunity for banks as they emerge from the ashes over the coming months and years," the report said. "The challenge for banks is to identify and make high-impact improvements to their Web sites during a time of uncertainty and turmoil."