Diebold Inc. said that it is providing automated teller machines that will improve security at 100 BB&T Corp. locations.

The North Canton, Ohio, vendor's machines include PIN pad shields that make it harder for observers to steal a user's PIN code as it is typed. Shielding the PIN pad reduces a scammer's ability to observe it through "shoulder surfing" or to record it with a hidden camera (frequently, fraudsters who steal card stripe data with a skimming device hide a camera on or near an ATM to record the PIN as it is typed).

The machines also include touch screens, which Diebold says is a new feature for BB&T.

"We are excited about working with BB&T to add new ATM technologies, services and security features that enable customers to have a better and more secure banking experience," Charles E. Ducey Jr., Diebold's executive vice president for its North America operations, said in a press release Thursday.

The ATMs are being installed at branches and off-premise locations across nine states. The installation, which the vendor expects to complete this year, brings the total number of Diebold machines the Winston-Salem, N.C., bank uses to 1,200.

Diebold will also provide maintenance services for the machines.