Cardtronics (CATM) has launched a branding initiative that lets up to ten banks put their logos on a single ATM.

The Houston-based ATM maker's Preferred Branding program, announced Friday, is an alternative to its Principal Branding model in which each ATM carries a single bank's brand. The new program allows more banks to place their logos on each ATM and give their customers fee-free access to the same Cardtronics-owned retail ATM.

As many as ten banks can place a 2x2 inch logo on the 19,000 Cardtronics-owned ATMs nationwide, and thereby expand their own network of free ATMs, through the Preferred Branding program.

Frost Bank and Texas Dow Employees Credit Union are taking part in the branding program, the news release says. Frost uses Principal Branding on ATMs in its primary market and Preferred Branding in other Texas markets.

"Preferred Branding, whether as a standalone product or as a complement to Principal Branding, is about making the convenience of Cardtronics' ATM fleet available to more financial institutions than ever before, giving them a new, cost-efficient option to expand fee-free ATM access for their customers," said Rick Updyke, president of Cardtronics' North American business group, in the news release.