Consumers with Internet access are paying more bills online, according to a survey CheckFree, a unit of Fiserv Inc., released Wednesday.

The 3,031 online U.S. consumers who responded to the survey, which Harris Interactive Inc. conducted in January, said they used a bank or biller's Web site to pay 42% of their monthly bills in the past year, while using checks to pay just 31%.

Last year 39% of bill payments were made through a bank or biller site, and 34% were made by check. The year before that 35% of bills were paid online and 38% were paid by check. Of the bills that were paid online this year, half were paid at a bank site, and half were paid at biller sites.

CheckFree said it has conducted this survey eight times since 2002. In the inaugural survey, only 14% of consumers reported paying their bills online.