Coastal Federal Credit Union in Raleigh, N.C., is offering remote check deposit to its customers with software from NCR.

The credit union is integrating NCR APTRA Passport Remote Deposit Capture software with its mobile banking app to provide a range of core banking functions on mobile devices including checking balances and transaction history, paying bills, depositing checks and transferring funds.

From the credit unions' mobile banking app, customers can now deposit a check by taking a photo of the front and back of it.

"By working with NCR, we are able to offer a competitive differentiator in our market and to our members," Willard Ross, senior vice president and chief retail officer at Coastal, said in a news release. "Our members are really excited to have this mobile banking platform online and we see the adoption rate of this technology continuing to grow."

Coastal launched its mobile banking service to its social media followers in late April and expanded the service to all of its members at the end of May.