Conference call: What is the future of housing finance?

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Washington is dead set on revamping the housing finance system, whether by returning Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac to the private sector with a handful of changes or by making the more massive alterations now under discussion in Congress.

What would either prospect mean for banks and mortgage firms? Will large institutions end up dominating the sector (as some small banks fear), or would changes leave big players in the cold?

American Banker and National Mortgage News are offering an exclusive conference call discussing how scenarios could play out as the debate moves forward.

Questions tackled will include:

  • What is the administration's plan for Fannie, Freddie? Does it need Congress to act?
  • What is Senate Banking Committee Chairman Mike Crapo’s plan? How does his proposed bill differ from the Trump administration’s plan?
  • What other ideas are being discussed in Congress and elsewhere?
  • What challenges lie ahead?
  • What is the impact of the competing plans on banks, mortgage companies and the broader market?
  • What is the overall outlook for broader housing finance reform, including FHA, VA and the Federal Home Loan Banks?

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