Discover Financial Services (DFS) has joined the Fast Identity Online Alliance, or FIDO, a group of companies working to develop new standards for online authentication.

Discover has also been named to FIDO's board of directors, the payments company announced Tuesday. It joins twelve other companies on the alliance's board, including MasterCard (MA), Google (GOOG) and PayPal.

FIDO members must commit to sharing technology and working together in order to develop authentication standards that are compliant with each other's systems. The group is working toward creating secure, industry-standard authentication methods that would replace the password.

"Discover is committed to the continued improvement of universal authentication standards," said Daniel Almenara, Discover's vice president of authentication, in the news release. "We look forward to contributing the resources and expertise to these discussions on stronger authentication and more secure methods."

Earlier this month, Microsoft (MSFT) joined FIDO and was named to its board.