FirstCapital Bank of Texas is using interactive video software from NCR Corporation to offer its customers 24-hour live teller service during business days.

With NCR APTRA Interactive Teller, a bank clerk takes remote control of a customer's business transaction while on video chat. FirstCapital customers can conduct up to 95% of typical teller transactions with the assistance of this technology, the financial institution said in an April 2 press release.

FirstCapital's interactive tellers will work out of the Lubbock, Texas branch. The virtual technology systems can be accessed by customers at any of the bank's 10 Interactive Teller kiosks. The latest Interactive Teller unit went live on March 19 in an Amarillo branch, but the bank did not return a phone call to see which other branches have these machines.

FirstCapital currently has two Amarillo offices, four in Midland, and one in Lubbock.

The Interactive Teller kiosks are available in lobbies and drive-thru banking windows, FirstCapital said.

Furthermore, the $820 million-asset bank announced that this new virtual service will soon be available on weekends. However, there is no official date when this expansion will take effect.