FIS is forming a network for the inaugural class of early-stage fintech companies from its VC Fintech Accelerator program.

The FIS HiPo Network "expands the innovation strategy for our firm and has been developed to bring the realization of new innovations to market in an efficient and practical manner," Gary Norcross, FIS president and chief executive, said in a Tuesday news release. (HiPo is short for “high potential.”)

The initial members of the network include: Akouba, an online small business loan processor; Bleu, a contactless payment solution; Flutterwave, a payment service for global merchants, payment service providers, and Pan African banks; Fundseeder, a performance analytics and risk management platform; Hexanika, a big data software company; and LumoXchange, a global remittances firm.

The program for the second fintech accelerator begins May 8.