Intuit veteran Omar Green has left the company to launch a start-up called wallet.AI. The San Francisco startup will focus on the intersection of mobile, big data, human cognition and financial services. Green is the founder and CEO.

Green most recently served as the director of strategic mobile initiatives at Intuit. In that role, he was responsible for the company's overall mobile strategy and for driving its execution across Intuit's business units. He was instrumental in the launch of multiple mobile product offerings, including GoPayment, a mobile credit card acceptance for SMBs, and was a leader in forming Intuit's initial relationships with the mobile ecosystem.

Prior to Intuit, Green was the director of personalization technologies at SavaJe, where he co-created the first user context-sensitive mobile operating system.

A graduate of MIT with a combined degree in electrical and mechanical engineering, Green spends his spare time continuing his work in context-sensitive systems as a co-founder at AppleSeed Networks, and planning short films and music videos for his production company, AuteurLabs.