Gresham Computing has released a new version of its Clareti Transaction Control platform.

CTC helps customers identify and resolve operational risks, reduce financial transaction loss events, reconcile and validate transactions and comply with regulatory requirements.

The latest version, CTC 1.3, includes features to improve rapid onboarding of existing and new reconciliations and real-time management reporting and exception management, Gresham said Tuesday. It enables customers to launch new financial products with the required risk controls in place.

CTC has a real-time operational risk platform for all transaction types and allows for reporting of risk and key performance indicators. It also provides views of the entire inventory of active reconciliations so that users can see if these are working and if remedial action is needed.

Gresham has been running pilots of CTC 1.3 with several organizations that were interested in the rapid onboarding functionality it offers, Neil Vernon, development director at Gresham, said in a news release.

"Most of the organisations we have spoken to have significant reconciliation issues and backlogs to reduce - they need to put the necessary controls in place quickly and confidently," Vernon said. "CTC's rapid on-boarding wizard examines the data and generates suggested matching rules allowing reconciliations to be created in minutes, which is extremely attractive to them."