Wearable identity startup Bionym, one of BTN’s top 10 fintech companies to watch, released Monday its software development kit documentation and an online forum to get developers coding apps for its forthcoming wristband, which is called Nymi.

Nymi is designed to eliminate the need for a user accessing services such as online banking to enter in a password and user name to verify he is who he says he is.

The wristband measures a person’s electrocardiogram (ECG) to authenticate him to devices or apps for a range of functions that could include unlocking mobile banking apps and car doors. Nymi, which comes with an embedded ECG sensor, motion sensor and Bluetooth low-energy radio, keeps the user authenticated until he takes off the device.

Bionym said it will host hackathons and meet-ups for developers.

Bionym unveiled Nymi in September and plans to ship the devices in spring 2014. The wristbands cost less than $100.