Heartland Payment Systems Inc. is expanding into payroll management with a system called PlusOne Payroll.

Heartland, a transaction processor based in Princeton, N.J., developed the system with the Cleveland human resources and payroll consulting company America OnShore Inc., and said its service is the first such payroll offering built using Oracle Corp. database technology.

PlusOne Payroll enables employees to view and manage their own salary allocations through an online tool, and Heartland said the system can streamline clients' payroll operations and help them remain compliant with various regulations and tax requirements.

"Built as an enterprise-level application from the ground up, PlusOne Payroll's feature set and ability to scale enable it to meet large corporate and service bureau requirements. Simultaneously, its intuitive interface and logical process flows provide a straightforward approach for even the most basic of small-business payroll needs," Todd La Fever, America OnShore's chief executive, said in a Heartland press release Wednesday.