The creation of the 2013 FinTech 100 and Enterprise 25 rankings drew upon a range of resources provided by the program’s principal collaborators — American Banker, Bank Technology News, research firm IDC Financial Insights, and the public relations firm William Mills Agency. American Banker introduced the rankings in 2004. The 2013 rankings represent the program’s ninth annual publication.

The development of the rankings began with the promotion of a request for information to several thousand technology vendors in the financial services industry. Public resources such as Hoovers, Edgar, company filings, and company Web sites were used to validate data and capture additional information. Proprietary databases of IDC Financial Insights were also consulted. For all of the companies, eligible calendar year 2012 revenue was determined: revenue generated from sales of software, hardware and IT services to the financial services industry.

Not included are revenues from any network, telecommunications, electronic exchanges, or data services (e.g., market/credit) providers. For vendors that provide qualifying services and solutions in addition to nonqualifying ones, we considered just the qualifying portion of their revenue.

Two categories of companies are included in the rankings: FinTech 100 — technology companies that derive more than one-third of their total global revenue from the financial services industry; and Enterprise 25 — horizontal technology firms that derive less than one-third of their revenues from financial institutions. Firms, such as market data providers or credit bureaus, that derive significant revenues from excluded categories, but also have revenues tied to software, hardware, or services, are considered — revenue attributed to data is used to qualify the provider to meet the one-third hurdle, yet only the qualifying portion of their revenue is included in the ranking. This is why vendors appear on the list with revenues below 33%.