The French terminal maker Ingenico SA, aiming to boost revenues after they fell last year, is expanding its managed services operations in North America.

Ingenico reported last week that its revenue fell 3.8% in 2009, to $953.6 million, and that its profit fell 26.9%, to $36.5 million. It cited the recession as a primary reason for the declines.

Christopher Justice, the president of Ingenico's North America unit, said managed services are increasingly important. Managed services enables Ingenico to send new applications to payment terminals, such as software that can deliver coupons for display on terminal screens.

Justice said the company will continue its recently announced effort to expand mobile acceptance options for merchants. "Merchants interested in mobile commerce typically aren't getting ready to spend several hundred dollars on a mobile terminal," Justice said.

Ingenico said it expects revenue growth of 3%-5% for 2010.

Robert Dodd, an analyst with Morgan Keegan & Co., said Ingenico's 2009 results, especially for the second half, show the impact of cost-cutting measures.

In the first half of 2009, Ingenico's profit was $6.5 million. Its second-half profit was $30.8 million.