Intuit Financial Services has launched a Mobile Purchase Rewards program for mobile devices that lets bank customers receive and activate customized merchant-funded discounts or rewards that are based on their personal buying habits.

With this feature, customers can use their bank- or credit union-provided ATM/debit card to redeem points and save money. The more often customers use their card, the more rewards they'll receive. At the end of each month, the savings are automatically deposited back in the customer's checking account.

The new Mobile Purchase Rewards capability adds to the mobile banking tools Intuit offers to banks and credit unions. It is automatically included for existing customers of Intuit Financial Services' Purchase Rewards program and iPhone and Android mobile apps. The feature has been available online from some Intuit-powered banks and credit unions since August 2010. Cardlytics' Transaction-Driven Marketing platform is the supporting technology for the feature.

"Our customers are able to see how they can save money at local and major retailers while on the go," said Brad Hettinger, vice president of Busey Bank, in a statement. "Mobile Purchase Rewards helps our customers save money and helps us build a more meaningful relationship with them."