Jack Henry & Associates Inc. said Friday that the president of its Symitar division, which serves credit unions, would step down in October.

Kathy Hooker Burress, who joined the Symitar business in 2000, plans to retire at the end of the year.

After Oct. 1, Hooker Burress plans to stay with the company in an advisory role while Ted Bilke, the general manager of Symitar's Episys Operations and Development, becomes the division's president.

Hooker Burress said in a press release that she has "had a long-term goal of retiring while my husband and I still have plenty of time to enjoy our families and explore life."

Jack Prim, the chief executive of Jack Henry, said, "As much as we'll miss Kathy's leadership and industry savvy, we're confident in Ted's ability to take Symitar to the next level."