JPMorgan Chase has announced it will begin allowing employees to expense rides from the mobile-app powered black car service Uber.

The too-big-to-fail bank's new openness to Uber is a boon for the transportation startup, which has been followed by controversy in recent months. New Delhi, India, banned the service following an alleged rape of a passenger by an Uber driver there last year and violent protests against the company broke out in Paris last month, followed by the arrest of two Uber France executives for running a service whose legality has come into question. The executives were arrested for allegedly concealing documents and running illegal taxi operations, according to TechCrunch.

JPM will reimburse its over 100,000 employees for Uber usage in business travel or going home late from the office, the company said in its release. It will cover Uber's so-called "surge" pricing, a spokesperson said.

"Allowing our employees to use Uber for business travel just makes sense," said Chase chief communications officer Trish Wexler in a release. "It's cost efficient for the company, and convenient for our employees." The company did not share its reason for issuing a press release about the move.