Jumio has released a software development kit to allow programmers to use its credit card scanning technology in mobile apps.

Jumio's technology, called Netswipe, allows card payments by using a webcam or phone camera to read the details of a plastic card. Its new SDK, announced Wednesday, works with Apple's (AAPL) iOS mobile operating system. Jumio also plans a version for Google's (GOOG) Android phones.

Jumio's technology verifies a card's legitimacy by using a video stream instead of a still picture. The video stream allows it to examine how features such as the embossing and hologram react as the card is moved.

To encourage use of its technology, Jumio has set up a developer fund to cover $5 million of scanning fees. The fund is meant "to support young start-ups and the developer community," said Daniel Mattes, Jumio's founder and chief executive, in a press release. The fund allows each developer to make 1,000 scans a month for free.

"Developers are invited to implement the [card-reading] solution to offer a strong feature in their apps," he said.

This month, Jumio also announced that it received funding from Citigroup (NYSE:C) in a Series B investment. It did not disclose the amount.