[1] What's the best way for a bank to take advantage of the rapid influx of new technology to expand corporate services in the mobile channel?

In developing their mobile technology, banks can leverage their existing online application channels. At Citizens Financial Group, for example, we integrated the mobile technology into our existing cash management online application-designed to deliver a comprehensive picture of a customer's cash position, along with the necessary tools to manage cash flow effectively - and offered it through the mobility of an iPhone, iPad and iTouch.

The result was both a shorter time-to-market and a lower cost of implementation of accessMOBILE, our corporate mobile banking application.

[2] What's the use case for banks to get in?

Banks benefit from satisfying accelerating customer demand for corporate mobile banking, and from providing customers with a new delivery channel that helps them run their businesses better. Banks can build an iPhone application and/or a generic browser application that, over time, becomes available on multiple devices.

[3] How quick is the uptake of new corporate mobile financial services?

When we launched accessMOBILE in November 2010, it achieved rapid and broad acceptance by all business segments across Citizens Financial Group's 12-state footprint. Within weeks of its introduction, 70% of the potential market had downloaded the app.

[4] Is there a subset of users that are adopting faster than others?

Our experience at Citizens Financial Group is that executives in small and mid-sized businesses have been much earlier adopters ...They are looking to manage their financial services in the simplest possible way.

[5] How are banks assessing the burgeoning tech options in a way that optimizes the benefits to the bank?

Banks must conduct their own due diligence. They should listen to their customers to learn what's important to them, analyze the market commentary from respected third-party research firms and talk with a trusted vendor who is a global leader in mobile messaging and mobile commerce services.

Once all the information has been gathered and considered, banks can then develop a go-to-market strategy for corporate mobile that best suits their needs.