Level, a maker of budgeting apps for millennials, rolled out an Android app Wednesday.

The San Francisco startup's software is meant to show users how much spendable cash they have on a daily, weekly or monthly basis, using linkages to their bank accounts.

"Level creates the digital equivalent of the wallet," Jake Fuentes, cofounder of the startup, told BTN late last year.

Simple, Moven, Check and Numbrs are just a few examples of mobile-focused personal financial apps that compete with Level. The need for such apps is driven by customers who could benefit from tools that show them what their daily lattes are doing to their checking accounts.

Intuit, which competes with Yodlee, powers the technology that lets Level users link its app to users' bank accounts.

Level's $5 million funding round in October included backing from former Citigroup chairman and chief executive Sandy Weill.

Banks, meanwhile, let customers set up mobile alerts to caution customers when they are stepping over a spending limit.