The Grand Rapids grocer Meijer Inc. has agreed to use an electronic check conversion system from First Data Corp. at all its stores.

Meijer will install the Electronic Check Acceptance Warranty system from First Data's TeleCheck Services Inc. to convert checks at the checkout counter into automated clearing house payments, the Denver processor said Tuesday.

First Data said that more than 40% of the 500 million transactions TeleCheck currently handles for merchant clients are processed as electronic check, and that more than 149,000 merchant locations in the United States are using the system.

Meijer, which operates 181 grocery stores in five Midwestern states, also uses other check services from TeleCheck.

"Checks continue to be a preferred form of payment for many of our customers," Janey Emerson, Meijer's executive vice president of operations, said in a First Data press release. Using the TeleCheck system "will allow us to provide an efficient and cost-effective way to process checks."