Most Powerful Women in Banking: No. 18, MUFG's Ranjana Clark

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Deputy Head of Transaction Banking Group, MUFG Americas Holdings Corp.

It’s hard to keep up with Ranjana Clark.

Last year she was named to a new role of chief transformation officer at the $168.1 billion-asset MUFG America Holdings, a unit of Japanese banking giant Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group, tasked with helping the company innovate. As of late August, she had another new role, even while keeping many of her previous responsibilities.

Clark is now overseeing global transaction banking. She is also still head of transaction banking for the Americas and Bay Area president.

She will manage global aspects of the business, including strategy, sales, client delivery and service, product development and risk management.

“Transaction banking is changing rapidly around the world, which creates new opportunities for innovation and growth,” she said.

It’s clear Clark welcomes taking on new tasks. Asked why she took the chief transformation officer job last year, she responded, “I love to learn and this was a completely new discipline and a whole new part of the organization.”

“New technology is being adopted in our company and the banking business,” she said. “It’s great to think about how you can harness that to advance the customer agenda.”

Among her accomplishments in the past year, she led the rollout of a tool aimed at creating a better customer service experience. It improved the process for employees and customers alike.

“The speed of response communicating back to clients has improved by 80% on average,” she said.

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Additionally, what had been expected to be a two-year implementation was finished in about six months. That quick turnaround was part of the agile strategy Clark implemented. It is a business process that brings all parties to the table early to make decisions about how to move forward. And it made a pronounced difference in shortnening the time needed for developing the tool.

“It’s not just talking,” Clark said. “It’s literally having a cross-functional team where all groups are represented so decisions can be made more quickly.”

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