Moven, one of the most talked-about startups of the fintech boom, is looking to spread financial education to the self-employed.

The digital-only "neobank" announced a partnership with the Freelancers Union, a group that represents 300,000 freelancers across the United States.

Freelancers often struggle to access mainstream banking services because they lack a specific employer, make inconsistent incomes and may not have a permanent address. Those are conventional indicators of risk for traditional institutions, Moven said in a press release Wednesday.

Through the partnership, Moven will host free monthly events intended to provide support, education and tools to freelancers.

"Banks look at freelancers as second-class citizens, when in fact they are a highly educated, upwardly mobile, valuable group of individuals," said Alex Sion, a Moven co-founder and its president.

Moven has struck several partnerships recently. In January it announced an alliance with the marketplace lender CommonBond and the credit card consolidator Payoff to provide financial incentives to customers for using multiple fintech services.