Cineplex Entertainment, which supports 132 movie theaters in Canada serving more than 70 million visitors a year, is giving consumers the option to pay for tickets from their PayPal Inc. account.

The Toronto company announced Feb. 11 that the PayPal option is available to consumers who buy their tickets online, from its mobile website or from its mobile applications.

Under a promotion that runs until Feb. 17, consumers who use PayPal to buy $20 or more in tickets for Cineplex theaters will receive $10 cash back to their PayPal account.

PayPal, a unit of eBay Inc. of San Jose, Calif., enables consumers to complete transactions using a stored balance, bank account or credit card. When purchasing a ticket for a movie or an event at Cineplex Entertainment theaters, buyers may select PayPal as the payment option after they have chosen the show time and entered the quantity of tickets they want to buy.

The site then transfers them to PayPal's secure website, where they then log in to their PayPal account and confirm the transaction, Cineplex said.