NCR Corp.'s kiosk operation has notched two deployment victories this week.

The Duluth, Ga., company is planning to install more than 200 movie rental kiosks in New York City, and China Southern Airlines is expanding its use of NCR's self-serve airport check-in machines.

NCR said on Thursday that it had already installed several Blockbuster Express-branded machines in drugstores operated by Duane Reade Inc. in New York and that most of the rest are expected to be deployed by yearend.

The kiosks rent out DVDs for $1 per night and can hold up to 900 movie discs. Customers pay for the movies with a credit card and are charged $1 per night for as long as they hold on to the DVD; no membership is required.

The Chinese air carrier has already installed 30 NCR TouchPort kiosks this year at airports in Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Changchun and Zhengzhou, and it said this week that it had bought 40 more that it plans to deploy at airports in Beijing, Shenzhen, Urumqi and Dalian, where it operates major transit hubs.

The kiosks can be used to check in for flights, search for flight information, request mileage credit, scan and print boarding passes and check mileage. In Guangzhou, 30% of passengers are using them to check in, the airline said.

NCR has an extensive history of serving the financial services industry, but in recent years it has diversified from ATMs to other types of self-service devices, such as the kiosks.