The predictive analytics software provider Nomis Solutions Inc. has announced the purchase of Perspecta LLC.

Nomis, a San Bruno, Calif., technology company, reported the purchase Tuesday, though it closed last month. It did not disclose the price. Nomis' software lets financial companies evaluate market conditions and consumer trends to predict how much people are willing to pay for various banking products.

Perspecta, a London software vendor, uses similar technology but is focused on evaluating mortgage portfolios to help lenders determine which borrowers might be about to default and which might refinance with another bank. Its software can also help banks determine how to minimize losses on delinquent mortgages and whether it would be profitable to make a counteroffer to retain people considering refinancing.

Dennis Stradford, Nomis' chairman and chief executive, said the technology could help banks "regain credibility" by helping them determine "what these loan portfolios are really worth."

Nomis has incorporated the Perspecta software into its Customer Profile Optimizer suite, he said, and will offer it initially in the United Kingdom and Canada; it plans to introduce it in the United States next year.