PayPal Inc. has begun offering its payment service in 87 new countries.

The expansion, announced Thursday, almost doubles the number of countries where its service is available, to 190. The new nations include Albania, Zambia, Bhutan, Greenland, Kyrgyzstan, and Vatican City.

The San Jose subsidiary of eBay Inc. also beefed up its U.S. Web site by adding three new languages. In addition to English, users can now navigate in Spanish, French, and a simplified version of Chinese. Customers will be routed automatically to one of the four versions of the site, according to the language settings of their Web browsers.

PayPal already offered local-language versions of its site in 13 foreign countries, including Spain, France, and China.

It now has 143 million accounts worldwide, which were used to move more than $11 billion in the first quarter.