HARRISBURG, Pa. — The massive Target card data breach has members of Pennsylvania State Employees Credit Union viewing the credit union's Facebook page in record numbers.

The credit union reached out to its membership via Facebook and e-mail messages to let them know that it had moved quickly to protect their accounts in the wake of Target's computer security breach that exposed data on 40 million debit cards.

When PSECU learned of the massive breach, it found that more than 28,000 of its cards were potentially involved.

The $4.2 billion-asset credit union then began the process of reissuing debit and credit cards, but was concerned with the Christmas holiday only days away that it would be difficult to get the message out to its members.

CEO Greg Smith says the solution is to go to electronic delivery channels. PSECU has few branches and uses remote delivery channels to provide service to its 400,000 members. As a result, the credit union has most of its members' e-mail addresses. An e-mail was sent to almost 21,000 members and a message was posted on the credit union's Facebook page.

The response of the membership was quick and positive, according to Smith.

By Dec. 26, the Facebook post received 191 likes, 52 shares, and 60 comments. It also had a total reach of over 5,300 views, one of the highest since PSECU joined social media.

"The holidays are for celebration and spending time with loved ones and we were hoping we could help make that happen by letting them know that PSECU will always strive to protect their information," Smith says.