ReadyForZero, a personal financial management software provider that helps users manage and reduce their personal debt, announced Monday the addition of online payments into its product set.

The new payments functionality is part of ReadyForZero Plus, which costs users $4.99 per month for unlimited payments after a free one-month trial.

Aiming to reduce a consumer's debt, ReadyForZero Plus detects when a user has a new checking deposit and then tells him how much interest and time he would save by making an extra payment to one of his debts, for example.

"In the United States, consumers manage over $2.4 trillion in debt on their own and make approximately $1 trillion in payments annually to service this debt," said Rod Ebrahimi, CEO, in a statement.

ReadyforZero, a former Finovate demo-er, first launched its product in 2011. Since its initial debut, the San Francisco-based company says it has helped thousands of Americans pay down more than $25 million dollars in debt.