Identity-security firm HID Global and biometrics company BehavioSec have released a fraud-detection system that relies on behavioral cues like typing speed and pressure to identify security breaches.

The companies announced Tuesday a partnership between HID Global's 4TRESS Authentication Server and BehavioSec's Behaviometrics technology. The integrated product is intended as an upgrade to existing security systems that authenticate a user only when he or she logs in, and assumes the same person is using the system as long as the account is continuously active.

The combined HID Global and BehavioSec system relies on behavioral "fingerprints" to add another layer of security, the companies said. The system monitors a user's behavior at the time of login and continuously throughout the session to ensure that the session hasn't been taken over by a fraudster. It monitors keyboard typing patterns, speed and pressure, as well as a user's location and device type, to detect deviations from the norm. The information that the system collects can also be used for forensic investigations around security breaches, the Silicon Valley-based companies said.

"Compliance can be a complicated process for organizations, so we are always looking for simple ways to streamline our solutions," Olov Renberg, co-founder of BehavioSec, said in the press release. "By combining our Behaviometrics technology with HID Global's 4TRESS offering, we can add a new layer of security in a transparent way to deliver a complete solution for risk-based authentication."