The social savings account provider Smarty Pig LLC of Des Moines is expected to announce the launch of a mobile phone version of its Web site today.

Smarty Pig, which is working with West Bancorp Inc. of West Des Moines for the U.S. version of its site and Australia and New Zealand Banking Group Ltd. for the Australian version, allows users to make their savings balances and goals public. By broadcasting their savings goals, users aspire to get motivation — and sometimes contributions — from their peers through Smarty Pig's Web site.

The mobile version of Smarty Pig's Web site displays users' progress toward their savings goals and their transaction history, as well as the savings goals of other Smarty Pig users. The mobile site also allows users to transfer more money into their Smarty Pig savings account.

"We wanted the Smarty Pig mobile Web app to provide the best possible experience to the largest possible market," Mike Ferrari, Smarty Pig's co-founder and chief operating officer, said in a press release.

The mobile version's interface was inspired by that of the Apple Inc. iPhone, and versions have been adapted for other smartphones to make it hold more universal appeal to Smarty Pig's users.