Societe Generale will migrate its corporate customer base in the United Kingdom to 3SKey, Swift's digital identity product.

Societe Generale is currently using 3SKey in France to allow its corporate customers to digitally sign files of payments sent to the bank over a variety of channels, Swift, the Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication, said Wednesday.

Societe Generale will now use the product to provide secure login authentication for its corporate customers in the United Kingdom that access the bank's international cash management services through its propriety banking portal, Sogecash Web.

"We wanted to strengthen the security around our web banking portal and chose Swift's 3SKey solution because it represented the most robust, secure, and cost-efficient solution for our customers," Eric Bayle, head of corporate cash management for Societe Generale in the U.K., said in a news release. "We were also keen to simplify the user experience for our corporate users and moving from a bank proprietary solution to a universal, multibank, multinetwork digital identity solution represented a significant step towards that goal."

3SKey is an authentication and signing mechanism for businesses and financial institutions. It can be used to authenticate a user logging into a web portal as well as to digitally sign transactions and files. It allows corporate users to manage banking relationships using a single, multinetwork personal digital identity. 3SKey is offered in more than 50 countries by 26 banking groups subscribed to the service, Swift said.