TD Bank is deploying "smart" automated teller machines in four Canadian branches.

These ATM machines will feature a user interface that includes large fonts and touch screens, as well as an option to get assistance from onsite branch staff. They will offer customers enhanced withdrawal and deposit functions, including the ability to choose bills in various denominations and deposit multiple checks at once using image-enabled technology.

The so-called smart ATMs will be located at the end of traditional teller counters, as well as in common spaces, TD said in a Wednesday news release.

"Customers visiting the branch for routine transactions will now be able to enjoy a faster level of self-service, while those who need assistance with more complex matters will also be served more efficiently, as our customer service representatives will have increased capacity to attend to more specific customer needs," Jim Grimmer, vice president of TD Bank Group's North American ATM channel, said in the release.

TD Bank plans to test the new ATMs in four branches. Grimmer said that the financial institution will review customer feedback and experiences to determine whether this strategy will be expanded over the next several months.