Gunning to improve its customer service delivered through social media sites, National Australia Bank (NAB) has opened up a social media command center that will serve as the place where staff monitor and respond to customer questions asked through the social sphere seven days a week.

"This is a recognition of changing customer expectations," Adam Bennett, Executive General Manager, Enterprise Transformation, Group Business Services at NAB, tells BTN. "Customers want to be able to communicate 24/7, from their mobile device, wherever they are. And we want to know what people are saying, that's the impetus of the social command center."

Seven people from the bank's digital, marketing and corporate affairs team will staff the Centre and address the 5,000 or so comments the bank receives through its social channels in an average month, according to an article published in Marketing, an Australian magazine.

NAB says it has more than 120,000 followers across its social properties.

"We're a bank that's been around for 150-160 years. We plan to be around for a lot longer and social's going to play a very key part in it," said Sam Plowman, NAB's executive general manager for direct banking, in a company YouTube video touting the new Centre.