U.S. Bancorp (USB) said Wednesday it is testing an iPhone app that uses augmented reality to display branch and ATM locations.

The app uses the phone's built-in camera to display the view in front of the user. Over that display, it has markings that indicate nearby U.S. Bank locations.

"In addition to making it easier to find branches and locations, this application sets the stage for U.S. Bank to leverage its development efforts for future location-based experiences, including customized offers from our partners," said Dominic Venturo, the chief innovation officer for U.S. Bank Payment Services, in a press release.

The app, called Find US+, resembles one PNC Financial Services Group (PNC) released late last year called PNC Finder. Google (GOOG) demonstrated a similar function for its Project Glass augmented-reality eyewear, and Nintendo and Sony built augmented-reality games into their latest handheld systems.