Verifi Inc. said it is offering its clients fraud detection technology from ThreatMetrix Inc.

Verifi, of Los Angeles, serves merchants that handle card-not-present transactions. ThreatMetrix, of Los Altos, Calif., assesses the risks of online transactions. ThreatMetrix's forensic risk-assessment tools are being made available through Verifi's risk management platform, providing easier access to ThreatMetrix's tools, Verifi said.

Many Verifi customers complain of "how frequently they must plan for, invest in and allocate internal resources for the implementation of new technologies," Jeff Sawitke, Verifi's vice president of product management, said in a press release Wednesday. "By partnering with ThreatMetrix, we not only significantly reduce this burden, but we continue our quest to provide our clients with the best and most complete set of global fraud tools available."