Pano Logic, the once-promising company that was at the forefront of the desktop virtualization movement, has shut down. The circumstances are somewhat mysterious; the company's website still cheerily touts recent credit union customer wins for its solution and makes no mention of its demise.

Just last month, the company announced that Redstone Federal Credit Union in Huntsville, Ala., was going to replace 75 percent of its personal computers with Pano Logic's virtual desktops, and save 60 percent on computing costs.

Now it looks like that projected savings will turn into something of an IT nightmare, as the credit union and others like it scramble to figure out a Plan B. Other virtual desktop providers include Citrix, IBM, Dell, Cisco and VMware.

Pano Logic has offered a small piece of hardware that connects an end user's monitor and peripherals to a network, eliminating the need for a CPU or hard drive, and more importantly, tech support for desktop computers. The computing resources are drawn from a centralized server.

A spokeswoman from the company's outside PR firm confirmed that the company is closing. "Yes, Pano Logic has gone out of business. However, I have no information about the company as we are no longer representing them. They have hired the firm Sherwood LLC to handle their bankruptcy if you want to try them for additional details." Sherwood LLC did not immediately respond to a request for an interview.