Visa Inc. is fattening its online shopping wallet, Rightcliq.

Visa introduced the product this summer as a browser add-on that fills in payment data at e-commerce sites. It also serves as an online shopping portal that aggregates merchant product information. Visa also designed Rightcliq to function as a social network that lets users get consumer feedback on planned purchases.

The service also offers special discounts to Visa card users, though it can be used with any card.

Visa said in a Nov. 23 press release that it will triple the number of discounts it offers shoppers through Rightcliq, and make it easier to track shipments of purchases. Rightcliq will also now support Chrome, Google Inc.'s browser.

"Our goal at Visa has always been to create a series of products and services that make shopping easier for consumers," Gerry Sweeney, global head of e-commerce and authentication for Visa, said in the release.

"These enhancements are another example of how we are continuing to build Rightcliq by listening to our users and delivering the features they want most," Sweeney said.

Sweeney said Visa had increased the number of partnerships it had with merchants, and coupons will automatically drop down from the browser or appear in Rightcliq's Wishspace, a customizable wish list for customers' potential purchases.

Rightcliq will also help track packages for consumers who provide tracking numbers. Visa said that the service will let users see transit details up to delivery.