Wells Fargo & Co. (WFC) announced Monday that it's revamped its automated teller machine user interface, creating new features and streamlining the device's design.

The San Francisco bank said the new system is now being tested on roughly 500 of the companies 13,000 machines. There is a wider rollout planned in May.

"The ATMs really know you better and we are excited to share this new experience with customers," said Alicia Moore, Wells' head of ATM Banking, in a press release. "We redesigned our ATMs based on what customers tell us they want, and we're constantly striving to make our ATMs quicker, easier, and more convenient."

Among the new tools that Wells bank customers can soon expect is ATM Cash Tracker. The feature gives users a visual view of their ATM activity, which includes how much they withdrew in the last month and the average amount they've taken out of the machines over the past year.