ATM manufacturer Wincor Nixdorf has joined competitors Diebold and NCR in producing a smartphone app meant to help consumers to save time at the ATM.

The company, which is based in Austin, Tex., said Wednesday users can download the application, dubbed PC/EMobile Cash, to their smartphones, where it will allow them to find nearby ATMs and stage cash withdrawals and other transactions in advance.

After arriving at the ATM, consumers using the application can use two codes to authenticate themselves to the machine and complete the transaction, rather than using a card and PIN. The application generates one authentication code, while the ATM generates another at the time of transaction.

"Smartphones are a constant companion of today's consumer, and the smart bank is the one that is supporting its customers across all channels," Oliver Weber, chief executive of Wincor Nixdorf, U.S.A., said in a news release. "Our PC/E Mobile Cash application is the best solution for today's consumer by truly making money mobile."

PC/E Mobile Cash also allows ATM users to pay bills with cash from an ATM, dispense cash to a third party, and deposit funds, the company said. Wincor Nixdorf says PC/E Mobile Cash is available for banks to install immediately.

In June, NCR (NCR) said that one or two banks would test the company's Mobile Cash Withdrawal by the end of this year, and that the software could be ready for use by consumers in the spring of 2013. Diebold (DBD) recently introduced a service that allows users to scan a Quick Response (QR) code on the ATM and enter an authentication code to initiate withdrawals and deposits. Core processing software vendor FIS has also been piloting an app for pre-staging ATM transactions.