A Brooklyn man was visited by Secret Service agents after blurring the line between art and data breach.

Kyle McDonald was investigated after posting to his blog photos taken by the built-in webcams in the demo machines on display at an Apple Inc. retail store in New York, according to a July 8 story on Business Insider.

The blog, called "People Staring at Computers," displayed photos taken of people when they were staring at Apple machines and unaware that they were about to be photographed.

To obtain the photos, McDonald installed software on the demo computers without Apple's permission.

This prompted the Secret Service investigation over computer fraud. The agents, who visited McDonald on July 7 with a search warrant, confiscated two computers, an iPod and two flash drives, the article said.

McDonald's problems don't end with the Secret Service. The agents also warned him that he would be contacted by Apple at a later date, the article said.