The Neighborhood Assistance Corporation of America´s Web site looks like a twisted issue of Country Living today as part of the housing non-profit´s protest against "predatory" lenders.

NACA volunteers gathered yesterday outside of the homes of chief executives of lenders and hedge funds that have refused to agree to mortgage loan modifications or have otherwise impeded NACA´s efforts to prevent foreclosures for struggling borrowers. Today on its Web site, NACA has posted a multimedia directory of choice CEOs´ homes, including photos, addresses and, in some cases, phone numbers.

Visitors can browse through photos of the exteriors of mansions owned by Goldman Sachs´ Lloyd Blankfein and Morgan Stanley´s John Mack. Then there are the shots of the property owned by Carrington Capital Management´s Bruce Rose, with its electric fence featured prominently in the foreground.

(Note: The directory is tough to navigate. To browse it, click on a CEO's headshot and view the photos of his or her property. To switch CEOs, use the drop-down menu in the upper lefthand corner of the black display window).

The photos certainly are ominous, but they lack action. It´s obvious that NACA, despite its growing numbers of volunteers, couldn´t have hit every house in the directory during a single day of protests. But show us the "hundreds" who promised to turn out at Mr. Carrington´s home yesterday. Did they really get that close to the fence?